Holy week Getaway

I am a Roman Catholic by birth, holy week means remembering the sacrifices of our dear Jesus Christ. But aside from that, it also means having a time to catch up with our loved ones. So for this year, me and my friends decided to have a trip outside the city.

Our original plan is to visit a beach in Ternate Cavite. We are curious because there’s a post circulating in the internet about the “beauty” of it. But as what the recent reviews/posts said, that it is very different from the reality from the “post” of that person. I am the type of person who is into researching of places before going there. So that’s the reason why we’ve changed our plans.

Finally! After reading so many posts, reviews and doing some researches I’ve made a decision and chose a popular beach that time (April 2017 holy week) because of its beauty, and a look a like of Boracay named Potipot Island. This island is situated in Candelaria, Zambales.

We left Manila around 4am but because it is a holy Thursday and a lot of people are so into the vacation/long weekend we arrived there at 4:30pm. YES! It is a very looooooonggggg drive. Based on my research travel time by private vehicle will only take for 5 hrs. But because of traffic in NLEX (yes traffic in expressway wtf?!) Addition to that, Waze was such a mess that time. It directed us to the very very very looongggg way. Like we took a U-Turn. As in we reached Pangasinan 😦 supposed to be we should take the Subic Olonggapo way.

To cut our unfortunate travel time, upon arriving in Candelaria, Zambales we bought our food in their talipapa (wet market). Then texted our bangkero where we can meet him. Coz we have to use bangka so we can reach Potipot Island.



Shoreline of Potipot Island plus the blue sky


Sausage at the beach…hahaha!







Bought my one piece Barbie swimsuit in Ourswimsuitmanila. Check their Instagram 🙂


Starbucks Cards

So recently I was really into collecting Starbucks reloadable cards. And here are some of it, from December 2016 Limited Edition, to Starbucks Reserve Limited Edition that was released last January 2017 to Starbucks Siren Special Edition that was released last February 2017.

Hopefully they won’t release any while I am still a bum haha!

All of these cards are purchased here in our country, Philippines. And I know that for every country they release different one. Could you show me some if you have? 🙂


Photo is mine & you could also see it on my instagram while I’m on a public account for a while…I guess?